News: Added Instagram login, php updates, contact us page and more! See everything on the updates page!


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#9 03/2019: Added contact page to the bottom of the page!

#8 03/2019: Instagram login now enabled!

#7 03/2019: Updated some icons, including menu, home page and new verified icon on the profile.

#6 03/2019: Updated templates with paying options by removing as they are not yet available. 

#5 03/2019: Updated PHP Version to 7.0 for a smoother experience.

#4 12/2018: Added PSN & Rockstar Social Club profile fields.

#3 10/2018: Added logo image to the header. 

#2 10/2018: Added few new social media sites. You can request them more in the future! 

#1 10/2018: Website launch; Most of the basic features are enabled. More coming soon, like paid subscriptions etc.

List of upcoming updates:

  • Pro upgrades
  • Verification request system
  • Contact/feature request form
  • Template updates
  • Finnish translation
  • Instagram Login
  • Logo Image
  • Other social media sites (SoundCloud, Periscope etc..)